Friends of Dumbleyung

Friends of Dumbleyung

 The Bluebird K7 replica build is nearing completion thanks to your contributions, so well done everyone! You can follow its progress at

This is a big project for a small community.

As with any project in any community, the funds need to be raised in different ways. Dumbleyung Events Committee has come on board to help raise some funds to add to other money that has already been promised. The money raised by DEC ( Dumbleyung Events Committee) will enable the commencement of the building of the full scale Bluebird replica.

A full detailed explanation of the progress so far is shown below. There is also a form for donations if there is anyone not within the Dumbleyung community who has a link, or who is interested in contributing to this unique project.


COMMUNITY Fundraising APRIL Final 1aCOMMUNITY Fundraising APRIL Final Page 2COMMUNITY Fundraising APRIL Final Page 3aCOMMUNITY Fundraising APRIL Final page 4aCOMMUNITY Fundraising APRIL Final Page 5