The word is spreading.

The Dumbleyung Bluebird replica builder, Mark Matzouris has attracted some interest and some promotion for Dumbleyung and the Bluebird project on a recent trip back from the eastern states. This article was published in “Norseman Today”, the community newsletter.  

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Dumbleyung Bluebird Interview

Last week one of our committee members, Lou Dare, shared the Donald Campbell/Bluebird story with Stan Shaw from ABC radio, Great Southern. This a great way to hear an outline of the events that happened in 1963/1964.

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The Bluebird Replica Build Begins!

Below is a press release from the Dumbleyung Bluebird Committee concerning the fact that the Dumbleyung Community has raised enough money to start the build of a full scale replica Bluebird for display in Dumbleyung.  Special note also needs to be made that there are a lot of Wagin residents who played a big part […]

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Memories-Jean Pearse.

My Husband flew his light aircraft down to Dumbleyung Lake a few days before the record run and he said there were crowds of people and press there, and nothing happened.  When it came to the last day of the year, he decided he’d take 3 children and myself down – by car – just […]

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Celebrate New Year with Us

We’d love to see you in Dumbleyung at the end of the year!

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Bluebird Fundraising Update

Our replica build commencement is just around the corner! Dumbleyung Events Committtee (DEC) have decided to help raise funds for the Bluebird replica build. There has been a fundraising letter sent out to community members. You can see and read the full letter here. It is with great excitement that we congratulate DEC and thank those […]

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Bluebird Memorabilia

A notice has been put out in newspapers and through media for photos and memories of Donald Campbell,the Bluebird and the World Water Speed Record in 1964. The Dumbleyung Bluebird Interpretative Committee has had a wonderful response and is going to present these on the website and Facebook for everyone to see and share. The […]

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BBC Documentary

If you have a free hour check out this fantastic BBC documentary about Campbell and his achievements. Skip forward to 40:18 for the reference to the record at Lake Dumbleyung.  

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My 96 yo father Eric Page was there every morning to catch the action of Bluebird and met Donald.  – Linley Filmer

A British TV journalist asked “Are you ever afraid, Donald?” to which he replied “Of course I’m afraid every time I get into the Bluebird. Courage is not being fearless. Courage is overcoming and smashing through fear.”