Angus Tuck- Recollections from 1964.

In November 1964 Donald attempted to break the world water speed in my hometown of Barmera in South Australia. He did break the Australian record whilst he was there. I was 18 years then and after finishing school was lucky enough to join the Bluebird team as general helper. Aging engineer Leo Villa and mechanic […]

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Donald Campbell and Bluebird – Memories of Justin Bowen

Part of my career in Local Government was spent as CEO of the Dumbleyung Shire Council from 1963 to 1966 and during this period, very much in the news in 1964 was the fact that in July that year Donald Campbell had broken the World Land Speed Record in his jet car Bluebird on the […]

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Memories-Jean Pearse.

My Husband flew his light aircraft down to Dumbleyung Lake a few days before the record run and he said there were crowds of people and press there, and nothing happened.  When it came to the last day of the year, he decided he’d take 3 children and myself down – by car – just […]

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BBC Documentary

If you have a free hour check out this fantastic BBC documentary about Campbell and his achievements. Skip forward to 40:18 for the reference to the record at Lake Dumbleyung.  

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Bracky – Legendary Truck Driver

Dumbleyung and West Australian trucking pioneer Brian Bracknell is indicative of the spirit and commitment truck drivers give to improve the standards of their industry and service to their customers. .

’Bracky’ as he is affectionately known locally, hauled the first load of cattle from Kimbolton Station to Perth, a distance of 2600kms and from that […]

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