Bluebird Memorabilia

A notice has been put out in newspapers and through media for photos and memories of Donald Campbell,the Bluebird and the World Water Speed Record in 1964.

The Dumbleyung Bluebird Interpretative Committee has had a wonderful response and is going to present these on the website and Facebook for everyone to see and share.

The first two photos are black and white images of the Bluebird on Lake Dumbleyung in 1964. They were sent in by Christine Anderson.

The first photo shows Donald Campbell in Bluebird at the Western end of the lake where  Donald Campbell had his camp. You can see the caravans lined up along the shore of the lake.

These caravans were loaned for the duration of the visit by the local community.

This photo shows the Bluebird with spray.

Great photos and we will be showcasing more in the future and also some memories of people who were there 50 years ago.