January 2014

BBC Documentary

If you have a free hour check out this fantastic BBC documentary about Campbell and his achievements. Skip forward to 40:18 for the reference to the record at Lake Dumbleyung.  

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The Moment of Truth

PEOPLE came from far and wide to meet atop Pussycat Hill on the northern side of Lake Dumbleyung on New Year’s Eve to witness the ‘active’ memorial tributing Donald Campbell’s success of achieving the World Water Speed Record in 1964. 
Designer and builder of the memorial, John ‘Jack’ Fewson, travelled from Perth for the day […]

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My 96 yo father Eric Page was there every morning to catch the action of Bluebird and met Donald.  – Linley Filmer

A British TV journalist asked “Are you ever afraid, Donald?” to which he replied “Of course I’m afraid every time I get into the Bluebird. Courage is not being fearless. Courage is overcoming and smashing through fear.”

My dad (John Leathard) remembers seeing the training runs and hearing the roar of the Bluebird from our family farm over many days back then. The farm adjoined Lake Dumbleyung. Nice part of our own family story too.   – Dianne Fraser